Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Family Day at MOA

Amelia was off of school yesterday and I was off work so we had dad take the day off too so we could have some fun!

For Christmas we received passes to Sea Life aquarium and unlimited ride wristbands for Nickelodeon Universe.  So, a day at Mall of America was in order!

We only went into a three stores - The Disney Store, The Lego Store (3 times...) and Creative Kidstuff.  The kids all got something from Disney and Lego by trading us some of their "Target gift card money" for "mall money."

By packing a lunch, bringing snacks/water bottles and having the gift of pre-purchased tickets/ride wristbands this was a fairly low cost day for us!

The kids were just mystified that they could ride as many rides as they pleased.  Usually we let them each pick a ride to go on together and that is it as ride points are not cheap!  Being able to go on whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted blew their minds!

The little roller coaster was definitely their favorite - they rode it over and over and over again!

Yesterday is a perfect example of why gifts of experience are awesome!  The wonderful day that we had would have cost our family of five a fortune, however, through a Christmas gift we were able to have a ton of fun that I know Amelia and Joe will be talking about for awhile!