Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hot Summer Night

Poor Joe turns into a hot, sweaty mess outside in the heat!  

Tonight, the neighbor said, "I can't take it anymore - he is all sweaty and pink.  The boy needs a popsicle.  I'm getting him one.  I hope you don't mind!"

Since we had already had dinner I didn't mind and Joe didn't seem to mind either!  Most of it ended up ON him vs. IN him but he cooled off and enjoyed it :)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

27 Weeks

This is the final week of the second trimester for baby and I.  Where did the time go?

Aside from fatigue things are great!  I've been particularly crabby and irritable the past week or so (Jason informed me and, truthfully, I was starting to notice myself.)  I'm really hoping it is just because of the summer heat and humidity finally arriving.  Heat, humidity and Shelley just don't go well together - especially pregnant Shelley.

#3 moves around a lot more than Amelia or Joe ever did.  When I felt Amelia it was rolling or hiccups and I knew Joe was ok in there because he always had a foot in my ribcage and he stretched a lot.  #3?  Kicking and wiggling all day long.  It's kind of nice to not have to lay there at night trying to count kicks to make sure everything is ok.

According to the doctor I'm on track to gain 40 pounds again which is more than what I was aiming for this time around but still less than the 55 I gained with Amelia!  I also passed my glucose test the first time this time which thrilled me because that three-hour test with Joe was brutal.

And just for fun - a little comparison:

It's still a little hard to believe that next week I am starting the third trimester!  It will be September before we know it!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Birthday Party Fun

This afternoon we went to a FIRST birthday party for our little friend, Leyton!  It is so hard to believe he is already one!

There was an inflatable bounce house there and Amelia spent almost the entire afternoon in it.  When it was time to leave she was drenched in sweat, literally, from running around and bouncing!

Joe spent more time inside than his sister and found a new interest - the piano.  He played us all lots of songs :)

We wish we got to see Leyton (and his parents) more often and we hope to be able to head down to visit them sometime before the summer ends!

Our Week

It's been a warm week but we've held out and still have not turned on our A/C - though I was close the other night!

We took walks every night!  Some were short and some were long.

Amelia found a little butterfly one night:

Thursday night Joe had his first "sleepover" with Amelia in his big boy bed:

It went surprisingly well - I only had to go in there twice to get bedtime back on track :)

Yesterday afternoon my sister and I took the kids to the fairgrounds for Back to the Fifties car show.  It was hot and sticky out but we had fun!  Joe enjoyed taking in the sights in style:

Amelia walked the entire afternoon and liked finding cars with lots of colors, like rainbow flame patterns.

1956 Messerschmitt

Amelia and I rode the skyride across the fairgrounds and we got a bird's eye view of everything!

Joe and WeHaw

On the way home both kids passed right out!

It was a fun-filled week and our weekend is shaping up to be busy as well!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day 2013

We spent today at Nana and Papa's house, celebrating Father's Day!  Amelia brought her squirt guns with and we had a small water fight...

...which turned into an afternoon of playing with water!

We grilled steaks and hot dogs for dinner with roasted potatoes and sesame veggies on the side!  Funny thing happened - Jason thought he seasoned the potatoes with paprika.  In reality he grabbed an (unmarked) jar of cayenne pepper that he liberally covered the potatoes with - can you say spicy?!  It made for a good laugh :)

Crazy, wild child on the way home!

Daddy with his little MN Twins fans.

Being outside all afternoon, watching two kids run around can sure take it out of a person!  (visual - see how tired dad is in the above picture?)  I'm looking forward to falling into bed in just a matter of minutes...

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Afternoon on the Lake

We didn't have much going on today so we hopped in the car and went to surprise Jason's grandpa and Ardie with a visit!  It worked - they were very surprised :)

We went on a boat ride right away because it looked like some rain was coming.

Excited kids!

We hadn't gotten very far when we heard thunder so we decided to head in and avoid getting caught out in the rain.

Amelia helping drive home.

It was a good decision to head in - within minutes of walking in the door the rain started!  It rained most of the afternoon and cleared up around dinner so after eating Amelia and I went outside and walked around the yard and looked at the lake.

The weather turned gorgeous as soon as it was time to leave, ha!

Little man passed out before we even got around the lake and on the road - he was wiped out.

(you can really see his scrapes in this picture)

We had a fun afternoon - despite the rain!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Glimpse of Our Week

Another week has flown by!  As usual, we have been keeping busy outside when weather permits it!

On Wednesday Amelia wore her swimsuit all afternoon and evening.  When it was time for a walk to the grocery store she wanted to wear it and I agreed as long as she added the wrap to cover her underwear that was sticking out!  

Oh, and she slept in the swimsuit too.  I wonder what daddy thought when he got her up the next morning...

Thursday evening, after speech, we walked to Subway with my family for dinner and then to the park to play!

Tonight we went to the park after dinner and Joey took a digger on the sidewalk:

He gets going running and it's like his feet and body can't move at the same speed and he trips himself.  This was the first time he did it on a hard surface and he has the bumps, bruises and scrapes to prove it!  I figured we'd have to head home but he was ready to go play after a few minutes of cuddling so we stayed about another hour!
I'm happy it's the weekend and I can sleep in tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Amelia's First Haircut

Today was finally the day - I took Amelia for her first haircut!

They gave her a sucker to help her sit still.  I also had my hair cut and I was in the chair you can see behind Amelia.  They turned and faced us towards each other so I ended up being able to snag a picture of her while she was in the chair!

Shortly after I took the picture she requested to not have to look at mom!

I didn't have much length taken off because she has some wonderful ringlets at the bottom of her hair that I didn't want to lose :)  Jason expected a much shorter hairstyle on her though so next time we may go shorter!  

All in all she did really well and I am glad we finally got her "scraggly" ends trimmed up!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

"The Face"

Amelia has always made this angry/irritated/crabby face.  

We used to think it was hysterical when she was an infant.  Now that she is older though it really comes out when she is in a "mood" and giving us attitude - not as cute!