Thursday, October 31, 2013

Indiana Trip

Last week, the kids and I were traveling with my parents in Indiana.  The trip was mainly for my parents to continue getting my grandma's affairs in order, an estate sale etc.  We tagged along mainly so my grandma could see the kids and meet Jackson.  

Hanging out with Oma

Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago - Idea Factory

Amelia attended Disney's animation academy - her Mickey Mouse drawings!

*Click photo to enlarge and see her drawings better :)

Gino's East, Chicago - best pizza EVER!

On Oma's spiral staircase one last time

Glowstick (and glasses!) bath at the hotel!

Cashier Amelia @ BellaBoo's

Water fun @ BellaBoo's (Joe was drenched from head to toe by the end!)

Amelia and Cousin P @ BellaBoo's

Amelia and Cousin A @ BellaBoo's

I lost this guy at BellaBoo's only to find him in the men's room, washing his hands :)

Pit stop on the way home to McQueen and Mater!

Joe sharing his hat with MeeeQueeeen!

Long days in the car, six nights in a hotel, eating nearly every meal out...yeah, travel is not high on my list of things to do any time soon!  As stressful as the week was I'm glad we went to see family.  I'm also glad to be home though ;)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Jackson's Heart

Yesterday Jackson and I headed into the Twin Cities for an appointment at Children's Hospital.  From birth he has had a heart murmur that has been pretty consistent.  It's not getting any worse but it's also not fading away so we were sent to the Children's Heart Clinic to get it checked out.

We met with our cardiologist, Dr. Sutton, and he did his best to explain heart stuff to me.  I learned that they rate murmurs on a scale of loudness, 1-6.  Jackson's murmur was rated at a 3 and was heard primarily above the heart and out over the lungs.  After an EKG we were sent for an ultrasound to take pictures of his heart to make sure nothing was missed.

The ultrasound confirmed what Dr. Sutton suspected.  Jackson has Peripheral Pulmonary Stenosis.  Sounds scary, right?  It's not :)  As he grows this condition should correct itself and the murmur should be gone by his first birthday!  

Jackson seemed happy about his diagnosis...

...he was all smiles at his appointment :)  

We are very thankful for a great diagnosis and a healthy little boy!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

VIP Lunch

Yesterday was the first VIP lunch at Amelia's school.  All I knew was that the children would perform a few songs for their families and then everyone was invited to stay and eat lunch in the community room.  I figured I'd go, listen to their songs and taker her home for lunch vs. eating there.  

On my way to her room I ran into her speech pathologist and teacher from last year*.  After chatting for a few minutes they let me know that Amelia was so, so excited for the lunch at school.  Mommy fail.  I got on the phone quick and called Jason who whipped together a few sandwiches and brought them to school for us.  Whew!  

*Her teacher from last year has been stopping in off and on to make sure that Amelia is adjusting well to being in a regular classroom etc.

This week and last week they have been focusing a lot on fire safety.  A fire truck even came to school last week and they not only met the firemen but got to tour the truck as well.  Amelia loved that.  For this lunch they made a special, fire truck themed treat:

How cute is that?!  She ate the entire thing because the plate only said "Amelia" and not "Amelia and mommy."  LOL!  

It sounds like they will do this a couple more times throughout the year and next time I (or more likely Jason and the boys) will be more prepared and bring a lunch from the get-go! 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ghosts, a Fort and Smiles

Two spoooooky ghosts!

Saturday night movie (Robin Hood) in a fort!

Amelia and Joe both get worried when Jackson is upset and crying.  Usually they try and shove a pacifier in his mouth or give him toys.  Amelia got really creative last night...

She drew him a picture of our family, complete with the two cats, smiling at him.  So, so sweet!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Life Lately

Picture heavy, lacking text.  Enjoy.

Bili-blanket, round one

Story time :)


Fall walk

Proud big sister!

My three sweeties

Jackson's first bath


Bili-blanket, round two

Cozy at the doctor :)

Nana and Papa meet Jackson - finally!


Silly boy!

Amelia and the "birthday cake" she made Ludo out of blocks :)

Joe got his first haircut.  He looks even more like his daddy now...