Saturday, May 9, 2015

Our New HOME!

After months of searching, denied offers and lots of discussion - we bought our first home!

We purchased a 3 bedroom, single bathroom home with a detached one car garage on a half an acre in the town of Amery, WI.  

This home wasn't exactly what we "saw" ourselves in but after a few months we realized that our dream (a cabin-like home with some acreage in the woods) was just beyond our reach.  We weighed our options and knew that apartment living just was not working for us any longer.  We wanted our own space!  

We were getting antsy because nothing new (that was livable) was popping up in our price range.  Then this little house did.  We looked at it two days after it went on the market, gave an offer that night and after a few days they accepted!  It all happened so fast!

My parents took our kids for three nights, starting the day we closed, and we were able to get some things done with the help of friends.  We painted the concrete walls in the basement with white DRYLOK paint, epoxied the basement floor in a grey color, shellacked the interior of the kitchen cabinets/drawers, moved all of our belongings and painted the three bedrooms!  Whew!  It was exhausting.

We decided right away that the main-level carpet had to go.  I'm weird about other people's carpet.  They had a dog, they weren't awesome housekeepers...enough said.  We just accepted an estimate to get the entire main-level flooring re-done (except the bathroom) and are hoping to be able to finally unpack very soon!  For now clothes are in wire cubes, kids' mattresses are on the floor and most everything else is in boxes in the basement!

I hope to be able to share more of our home as we unpack and make it our own - so stay tuned!