Monday, November 18, 2013

Joey is Two!

Last month, little Joey turned two!  Time really has flown by!

He had his two-year well-child appointment earlier this month and, as expected, he is still in the 100th percentile for everything.  That's our big boy!

His speech has really taken off and he says so, so much.  He even can put together 6+ word sentences which impressed the doctor!  

He copies every single thing Amelia does or says - including the naughty stuff.  He is her little echo - hilarious.

His favorite thing to do, still, is drive things around the house.

Trains, monster trucks, cars etc.  You name it, he will drive it.

He is a loving big brother.

He calls Jackson "Bebe Jacks" and is constantly worried that he needs a hug, a kiss, a pacifier or someone to hold his hand.  It's hard to get him to leave Jackson alone some days!

He is creative.

"Haircut Glasses"

If you have food or drink he will promptly walk run up to you and say, "I want some."  He is a bottomless pit and is usually willing to try just about anything.  However, like his sister, vegetables are still a tough sell!

He keeps us busy, is so incredibly loud and (usually) a big sweetheart who always wants hugs.

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