Sunday, December 29, 2013

Snow Fun!

Yesterday we went to a friends Christmas gathering!  We had a huge meal with a turkey, a ham, stuffing, sweet potatoes, corn, homemade mashed potatoes, Jason's "famous" green beans almondine and more!  It was delicious!

Before the sun got too low we took all the kids outside to play in the snow!

Her first snow angel of the season!

W had a blast pulling Joey around!

Joey and C

Amelia had a blast on a tiny hill with this saucer sled!

Joey shoveled - a lot.  He was "cleaning up!"

These babies were all born within four months of each other!  D, C, W and Joey :)

W and Joey both wanted to pull C and D!

After coming inside the adults played a game called "Last Word" - so fun!  I had never heard of it but it was seriously a blast!  We totally wanted to play another round but unruly/tired kids won and we ended the day after just one round!

Just so he's not left out, here is Jackson:

His first (successful) time in the Bumbo!

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