Monday, March 24, 2014

Feed My Starving Children

This past Saturday morning Jason, Amelia and I volunteered through an organization called Feed My Starving Children.  Every month Target is involved in different volunteering events and this is the first one that we have participated in!  

Our task was packing and boxing up MannaPack Rice bags.  I rotated through several stations, with Amelia, trying to get her into the "right" job.  Turns out the noise level was bothering her but she stuck it out!  She took a break in the lobby briefly but she came back in and helped finish up the job!

Counting rice bags to be boxed up!

Another box ready to go :)

In a little over an hour we packaged up enough food to feed 94 children for an entire year!  This is definately something we would do again and we will remember Amelia's "ear covers" so she can be more comfortable!

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