Sunday, April 15, 2012

Shower for Baby Howard

Yesterday was Marie's baby shower! Lisa and I spent Friday evening and Saturday morning preparing everything. We might have gotten things done faster but we had a couple of little buddies "helping" us out Saturday morning. (Friday Amelia was "helping" as well!)

It was difficult to remember to get pictures since I spent the entire game playing time in Dan's room feeding Joe because he couldn't focus with all the commotion. Then during gifts I recorded what she received. I did my best to document the occasion!

There was a nice turnout for the shower and Marie and Jordan got a lot of nice things they will need when baby boy arrives this July :) The mommy-to-be:

Lisa had gotten supplies to make a diaper cake for Marie. Saturday morning we assembled it together. My sister made me one when Joe was born so I kind of had an idea of how to do it. She had fun farm themed stickers and ribbon to decorate it. Lisa had the idea to put smaller baby items all over it!

Marie's favorite cake is Funfetti with rainbow chip frosting. That is usually what we make for occasions but this time we opted to order a cake from the bakery since we have three little ones between us. We got red velvet and it was tasty!

Joey partied too hard and passed out on the chair for probably about 45 minutes after most of the guests had left!

Three girls and three guys - one in utero :) They will be suck good buddies!

It was a fun afternoon and I enjoyed celebrating baby Howard! We are anxious to meet him and are so excited for Marie and Jordan! Amelia will have another little boy to get used to. Lisa's son, Dan, is baby #2 to her so I imagine baby Howard will be baby #3!

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