Monday, April 16, 2012

Sweet Siblings

Last week I challenged myself to get pictures of the kids interacting together. I did pretty well!

Amelia received a doctor kit for Easter and she spent Monday evening making sure everyone was ok. Even the blankets had their heartbeat and blood pressure taken. She got a little frustrated at Joe because he kept trying to grab the stethoscope from her!

When I feed Joe I sometimes have to ask Amelia to make him laugh or smile so I can get him to open his mouth. Towards the end of his mealtime I asked Amelia if she wanted to try feeding him and she did. She did pretty well! I did have to put a stop to it just when the food was about to run out because she gagged him pretty bad with the spoon on accident...

The aftermath:

A confused and messy baby Joe!

I wanted them to sit together on the chair but this was the best Amelia had to offer me. I'll take it!

Tummytime :) Amelia is getting better and better at playing with Joey during his tummytime which thrills me for two reasons. 1) they are enjoying each other and 2) it gives me a chance to get one or two things done!

Amelia likes to give Joe baths when he is his baby tub. I decided to take it one step farther:

She was not thrilled at first but she realized that once we washed him he was done and she could have the tub filled up more and play!

I love the pictures that I was able to get and the fact that Amelia is getting friendlier and friendlier to Joe as time goes on. I'm still waiting on the day that she will hold him though! That will be a special day.

Happy Monday!

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