Monday, October 8, 2012


Yesterday afternoon we went to Fawn-Doe-Rosa with my parents and family that I have in town from California and Indiana.  It is a wildlife education center about thirty minutes north of where Jason and I live.  They have lots of deer, elk, raccoons, skunks, bobcats, mountain lions, timber wolf, foxes, beaver, farm animals and more.  

The deer are loose in the park and will walk right up to you, eat from your hand and let you pet them!  The farm animals they have are penned in but you can still feed them and pet them.  Amelia had a b-a-l-l.  She loved being so close to all the animals. 

My favorite picture of the day:

You can see how much she adores horses/ponies in this picture.  

We had a fun time and look forward to visiting Fawn-Doe-Rosa again soon!

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