Tuesday, October 30, 2012

2012 (free) Halloween Costumes

Have you seen how expensive Halloween costumes are?!  In years past my family has found us costumes at Goodwill and we also bought one, new, two years ago.  This year I went looking for costumes for the kids and I was amazed at the cost.  To me, $30 for an outfit they'll wear once is just too much.

We had a costume party with friends tonight and tomorrow we are taking Amelia trick-or-treating for the first time.  So, I shopped my house and came up with costumes for the kids - for free.

Ewok Joe

Joe was easy.  He is wearing the costume Jason and I got Amelia two years ago - an Ewok from Star Wars.  We decided we would not re-use costumes for the kids but this one was the exception and luckyily it fits him perfect this year! 

Amelia actually has three costume options.  Tonight for the costume party she was a blue princess.

Amelia the blue princess

We've had this dress in a dress-up box (along with a pink one - costume option #2) for awhile now.  She's never really taken to playing dress-up so the dress is basically new.  The tights are from the holidays last year and the shoes are from her closet.  The crown and wand are toys that get played with almost daily.  Voila - a blue princess.

*Her third option is a doctor costume my sister got her at Goodwill because she loves the doctor (thanks to Elmo Goes to the Doctor) and because Kim is going to school for medical assistant.

There you have it - Halloween costumes at no cost!  I have saved at least $50 in (new) costume costs this year and we won't have two outfits laying around after the holiday is over.  Oh, and both kids look great so this is definitely a win-win situation!

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  1. Two thumbs way up!!!! Congrats! Love victories such as these!!