Monday, August 19, 2013

Busy Weekend

We had yet another busy weekend!  Saturday Jason was a groomsmen in a wedding.  He left in the early afternoon for wedding stuff, I dropped the kids off with my family right before the ceremony, attended the ceremony and then picked them up to go to the reception!  It was a really small wedding, held in the bride's parent's neighbor's yard.  They have a nice pond and waterfall with a bridge and gazebo etc!

Sunday afternoon, Amelia and I took Jason to a Twins game for his birthday!  My parents and I got the tickets jointly and I knew he had been wanting to take Amelia to a game so we gave it a shot!  She actually did pretty well.  We were in direct sunlight the whole game so she got a bit hot and crabby but she made it!

First foot long hot dog :)

Waiting to catch a home run!

ON the field, waiting her turn to run the bases after the game :)

Out cold on the way home :)

We had a Norwegian Chai ice cream cake from Izzy's with my family for Jason when we got back and then we headed home for baths and bed!  It sure was hard getting up this morning for work - I was still beat from the weekend! 

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