Wednesday, September 18, 2013

39 Weeks

Today I am 39 weeks and 4 days pregnant!  

I have apparently gained 60 pounds at this point but who is counting, right?  This week my (pregnancy-induced) carpal tunnel has really gotten crazy and I am having trouble sleeping and doing daily tasks.  Basically, my fingertips are completely numb and the rest of my hand up through my elbow feels like it is burning with throbbing pain.  Super fun ;)  It usually takes about six weeks after giving birth for my hands and arms to go back to normal!

Speaking of giving birth...tomorrow is the day!  I am going in for induction early tomorrow and hope to have a baby by evening!  I'm not dilated (at all) which is completely normal for me.  Because of my history of never dilating (at all) on my own my doctor decided Tuesday that we'd just "go for it" tomorrow.  My blood pressure has been rising slowly, I'm uncomfortable and I have a history of infant macrosomia (large babies - Amelia was over ten pounds!) so all of those things were factors in her just saying, "let's do this." 

I still have to pack for myself and baby, change the crib sheets and, of course, rest somehow!  I dropped the kids off with my sister (who drove home from Indiana this morning!) a bit ago so once I publish this I will get to it - goodnight!

Last photo with only two kids in my arms!

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  1. I hope everything went well today with your induction and I hope by now you are snuggling a precious new baby!!