Thursday, November 1, 2012


Last night the kids went on their first trick-or-treating adventure in Nana's neighborhood!  We went to only six houses but Amelia got quite a bit of candy. 

Amelia had so much fun!  She would run up to the houses yelling, "kwik o kwee, kwik o kwee..." and then by the time the door was answered she was saying, "kwee, kwee, KWEE!"  

*I'm not entirely sure why sunglasses were necessary but she found them in the wagon and then decided to wear them despite it being dark out.

I think Joe had a fun time too.  He went up to the houses with his sister and she got him some candy too.

On our way home we made one last stop to see Jason's mom, grandpa and his friend, A.  

It was a busy day for us all and both kids were passed out by the time we made it home.  

I can't believe it is already November!  This year has gone by so fast!

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