Friday, February 22, 2013

Blog Break

I took a little (unplanned) break from this space for the past two weeks! In fact, this is the first time I have opened my computer in that whole time.  I haven't been totally "unplugged" thanks to the fancy smartphone ;)

I've been so drained the past few weeks.  Winter is getting to me this year.  I'm ready for spring.  Work takes so much out of me lately that I have been napping on the couch while Joe sleeps and Amelia watches Netflix or PBS.  Joe has discovered the tantrum and he exhibits it daily.  Amelia's communication is so up and down lately.  Some days she makes perfect sense (to me) and the next day she is speaking "Boo-ese" (gibberish) again.  It's exhausting.   

Thankfully, in the midst of all the chaos there are plenty of heartwarming moments.  

Love those two!

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