Sunday, February 10, 2013

Breaking Cabin Fever

Last week was just, well, horrendous - for me.  Work was slow going but we were busy, busy, busy re-setting mainly the sporting goods department.  It felt like each day was at least two days!  The evenings at home were trying.  I got to listen to screaming, whining, crying, fighting and yelling each night.  By Thursday I joined them in the crying...that was special.  All three of us in tears.  Oh, to have been a fly on our wall!

Jason and I determined that we all, especially the kids, were suffering from "cabin fever" and we needed to get out of the house!  My cousin bought us a Minnesota Children's Museum membership last fall and a new exhibit just opened last month - Dora and Diego, Let's Explore!  We had wanted to wait for the flu to settle down a little before we went but yesterday our sanity won out.  We headed out right after visiting our top choice preschool open house!

Checking out "The Map" of the exhibit

Dora and Boots; Diego and Baby Jaguar

Joey riding Baby Jaguar!

Joey and Daddy as space explorers!

Amelia piloting the space ship to the Purple Planet!

Amelia IN the Purple Planet

Joey sliding out of the Purple Planet

Star activity - they both LOVED this one

Rock climbing in the Rainforest Maze

Joey working hard in Isa's Garden

Climbing a spiderweb in HabiTot

Ice fishing in HabiTot

LIVE rat demonstration

She had a really hard time following the "one finger" rule when touching the rats!

Dad's face paint masterpieces


She was SO colorful!

We left mid-afternoon because mom and dad were getting pretty tired.  We lost both children, separately, about three times.  That was when we decided it was time to leave!  

On our way out to the car we I lost Amelia one more time - in an elevator.  I walked out, not paying attention, and heard the door close and Amelia scream, "mommy!"  That was followed by crying and panic.  Jason stayed on our level and I ran down to the next, went back up when she didn't come, then ran back up and then back down.  When I got down the second time she was stepping off.  Luckily some parents we had seen in the museum, as well as in the skyway, found her and kept her on the elevator when she tried to get off to find us.  Poor thing!  Note to self - always be the last one off the elevator and don't assume she's right behind you!

We had dinner at a favorite spot in St. Paul and got two favorite cookies from a co-op to share on the way home. Things were better around here last night as we hung out and got ready for bed.  Amelia was sweet to Joe again, she had less attitude and Joe was less whiny.  Today will be the true test to see if our "cabin fever" has been broken!

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