Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sledding Adventure!

This morning Jason suggested we go sledding because it was warm (30 degrees) out.  I thought it sounded like a great idea but responded with my usual, "I have to clean up around here first and do the dishes etc."  As I was running the warm water to fill up the sink and start the dishes I decided, screw it - we're going NOW!

So, I went and told Jason we should go now before I changed my mind and had to straighten the house up.  See, I have this thing about having to come home to a clean house.  Call me crazy but coming home to disarray just isn't my thing.  Today I let that go...

Future luge gold medalist!

Joe's first solo ride...

...he liked it!

Face-plant off the back of the sled!

Swinging :)

Post-sledding ice cream treat at the DQ!  (yes, we never changed out of pajamas...)

What a fun morning!  I didn't get to sled because I haven't had snowpants (that fit) in years.  I'm thinking I will definitely need to invest in a pair for next year!


  1. Oh man! This makes me want to move somewhere there are four seasons!!!

    1. I am thankful for the four seasons but I also find myself complaining about them an awful lot - ha! For example, right now I am so "over" winter and CANNOT wait for spring and the fresh, crisp air and rainstorms. Ah, that sounds amazing right now!