Thursday, October 31, 2013

Indiana Trip

Last week, the kids and I were traveling with my parents in Indiana.  The trip was mainly for my parents to continue getting my grandma's affairs in order, an estate sale etc.  We tagged along mainly so my grandma could see the kids and meet Jackson.  

Hanging out with Oma

Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago - Idea Factory

Amelia attended Disney's animation academy - her Mickey Mouse drawings!

*Click photo to enlarge and see her drawings better :)

Gino's East, Chicago - best pizza EVER!

On Oma's spiral staircase one last time

Glowstick (and glasses!) bath at the hotel!

Cashier Amelia @ BellaBoo's

Water fun @ BellaBoo's (Joe was drenched from head to toe by the end!)

Amelia and Cousin P @ BellaBoo's

Amelia and Cousin A @ BellaBoo's

I lost this guy at BellaBoo's only to find him in the men's room, washing his hands :)

Pit stop on the way home to McQueen and Mater!

Joe sharing his hat with MeeeQueeeen!

Long days in the car, six nights in a hotel, eating nearly every meal out...yeah, travel is not high on my list of things to do any time soon!  As stressful as the week was I'm glad we went to see family.  I'm also glad to be home though ;)

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