Thursday, October 17, 2013

Jackson's Heart

Yesterday Jackson and I headed into the Twin Cities for an appointment at Children's Hospital.  From birth he has had a heart murmur that has been pretty consistent.  It's not getting any worse but it's also not fading away so we were sent to the Children's Heart Clinic to get it checked out.

We met with our cardiologist, Dr. Sutton, and he did his best to explain heart stuff to me.  I learned that they rate murmurs on a scale of loudness, 1-6.  Jackson's murmur was rated at a 3 and was heard primarily above the heart and out over the lungs.  After an EKG we were sent for an ultrasound to take pictures of his heart to make sure nothing was missed.

The ultrasound confirmed what Dr. Sutton suspected.  Jackson has Peripheral Pulmonary Stenosis.  Sounds scary, right?  It's not :)  As he grows this condition should correct itself and the murmur should be gone by his first birthday!  

Jackson seemed happy about his diagnosis...

...he was all smiles at his appointment :)  

We are very thankful for a great diagnosis and a healthy little boy!

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