Saturday, June 22, 2013

Our Week

It's been a warm week but we've held out and still have not turned on our A/C - though I was close the other night!

We took walks every night!  Some were short and some were long.

Amelia found a little butterfly one night:

Thursday night Joe had his first "sleepover" with Amelia in his big boy bed:

It went surprisingly well - I only had to go in there twice to get bedtime back on track :)

Yesterday afternoon my sister and I took the kids to the fairgrounds for Back to the Fifties car show.  It was hot and sticky out but we had fun!  Joe enjoyed taking in the sights in style:

Amelia walked the entire afternoon and liked finding cars with lots of colors, like rainbow flame patterns.

1956 Messerschmitt

Amelia and I rode the skyride across the fairgrounds and we got a bird's eye view of everything!

Joe and WeHaw

On the way home both kids passed right out!

It was a fun-filled week and our weekend is shaping up to be busy as well!

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