Friday, June 14, 2013

Glimpse of Our Week

Another week has flown by!  As usual, we have been keeping busy outside when weather permits it!

On Wednesday Amelia wore her swimsuit all afternoon and evening.  When it was time for a walk to the grocery store she wanted to wear it and I agreed as long as she added the wrap to cover her underwear that was sticking out!  

Oh, and she slept in the swimsuit too.  I wonder what daddy thought when he got her up the next morning...

Thursday evening, after speech, we walked to Subway with my family for dinner and then to the park to play!

Tonight we went to the park after dinner and Joey took a digger on the sidewalk:

He gets going running and it's like his feet and body can't move at the same speed and he trips himself.  This was the first time he did it on a hard surface and he has the bumps, bruises and scrapes to prove it!  I figured we'd have to head home but he was ready to go play after a few minutes of cuddling so we stayed about another hour!
I'm happy it's the weekend and I can sleep in tomorrow!

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