Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day 2013

We spent today at Nana and Papa's house, celebrating Father's Day!  Amelia brought her squirt guns with and we had a small water fight...

...which turned into an afternoon of playing with water!

We grilled steaks and hot dogs for dinner with roasted potatoes and sesame veggies on the side!  Funny thing happened - Jason thought he seasoned the potatoes with paprika.  In reality he grabbed an (unmarked) jar of cayenne pepper that he liberally covered the potatoes with - can you say spicy?!  It made for a good laugh :)

Crazy, wild child on the way home!

Daddy with his little MN Twins fans.

Being outside all afternoon, watching two kids run around can sure take it out of a person!  (visual - see how tired dad is in the above picture?)  I'm looking forward to falling into bed in just a matter of minutes...

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