Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day at the Fair

We spent Friday at the Minnesota State Fair!

The fair is definitely different with kids - that is for sure.   We now spend time in the ride area, we have to stop to change diapers, eating takes a greater length of time (no more eating and walking!) and they get over-stimulated and cranky.  With that being said, we enjoyed the fair this year but I'll be honest in the fact that it was not as much fun - it was stressful.

We arrived bright and early at 6:30 a.m. to beat crowds, park easier and beat the heat.  We've been having temperatures in the seventies for about three weeks and now we are right back to 90+ degree temperatures and humidity - right in time for the "Great Minnesota Get-Together."

One of the first things we did was visit the DNR area so Amelia could see the fish before the crowds arrived!
She told us she found sharks and dolphins there with the fish.  I'm not so sure about that since they were all native to Minnesota!!!!!  

Amelia had her first face-painting this year and she did so good!

She was so happy with her "rainbow face."  I was impressed at how patient she was.  Since that went so well we went and got her some "fair hair."   Again, she sat so still and was so patient!

She was so excited!!!!

Final product:

She promptly ripped the crown off but look at how happy she was:

She kept checking herself out in this mirror.  Turning and smiling and clapping.

By the time she cooperated for a final picture most of the face-paint was gone but she still was a colorful sight!

Our next stop was the "kid-Way" to use the ride tickets we pre-purchased (at a cheaper rate!)

Joe was a trooper all day!  He spent a lot of time in his stroller and he was a good sport about it!

When we could, we let him out to explore!

He took his naps like a champ!

We are very fortunate that our stroller allows both the children to sleep at once!!!

See Joe's little feet poking out?

Our jogger (by Phil & Ted's) has an attachable second seat and there are several ways to configure it.  In the above photo Joe is in the main seat, fully-reclined, and Amelia is in the second seat, attached above the main seat, where a feeding tray is usually located on a regular stroller.  

Our usual set-up is this:

Milwaukee Trip, June 2012

Joe is behind Amelia in the second seat.  It was a hefty investment but it is beyond worth it for our family!

Another year at the fair is in the books for us and we are hopeful next year is a bit more enjoyable for all!

Home-made tie-dye (except for Papa...)

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