Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekend Fun

We had a fun weekend!

Saturday we spent the morning cleaning around the house and watching the Olympics.  Late in the afternoon we had a wedding to attend for someone Jason grew up with.  It really was a beautiful, outdoor wedding and the food was, hands-down, the best wedding food I have ever had.

It was on a farm and Amelia was convinced that there were cows in the barn.  All she wanted was too find the cows.  After the ceremony we saw something that made a certain little girl ecstatic:

Not cows, but three horses.  The gray/black one even ate grass out of her hand:

Family photo:

Today we watched some more Olympics and then went to my parent's house in the afternoon.  We had stew for dinner this week and it made me excited for when we start making hearty meals like that to freeze as we enter the winter months!
After dinner we had Blizzards from Dairy Queen and Amelia chose to eat hers in the garage down the stairwell that goes into the basement...

When we got home this evening our neighbors asked if we had seen the tomatoes popping up on our five plants.  We hadn't so we went to check it out.  While we were there we checked everything else and we have one nice zucchini!  The neighbors and us both have cantaloupes starting but theirs are just a bit more developed.

cantaloupe, zucchini, tomatoes
It was like Christmas out there this evening.  We were running from plant to plant showing each other everything we were finding.  Who knew that you really can grow a successful garden in a parking lot?

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