Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sweet Moment

This evening we had a playdate at the park with our friend, L, and her son, D.  Joey was all over the place - exploring.  At one point I looked over and he had crawled to a ladder of sorts.  All of a sudden big sister showed up at the top of the ladder.  I started to get up to mediate but then she stuck her hand down to him.  He took it but she realized her plan wasn't working.  So she climbed partway down, took his hand again and tried to help him up the ladder.

I think I push her too much most days to get along with him.  This is a perfect example of why just stepping back and letting them be is needed.  

I snuck up behind them to snap this and as soon as she realized I was there the moment was over.  That's ok though - it's moments like these, that are far and few between, that I am reminded that she does love her little brother and that there is hope that they will get along semi-peacefully someday!

ps - Happy 29th Birthday to Daddy today!!!!

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  1. awe such a sweet moment to capture.