Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pre-K Open House

Tonight was open house for school!  Since Amelia is still "behind" in her speech and language she will continue to go to pre-K speech at the elementary school this year.  This year she is in the "Little Tiger" program, has a new teacher and will be going three days a week for three hours each day vs. two days a week for an hour and a half each day.  She was thrilled to go to school tonight and I had a hard time getting her to leave!

This evening we dropped off her supplies, met her teacher (who we knew from meetings already) and saw her classroom.  Amelia was very excited that there was a guinea pig and blew her teacher away because she knew what it was and could almost say it right!  Her teacher asked if she wanted to see the "mouse" and Amelia informed her it was a "gee-hee pi!"   His name is Gus.  We have our neighbors, M and D, to thank for her knowledge of guinea pigs - she loves theirs!

On our way out she ran across to the sensory room.  She'd been in there before I found out and she got herself a swing ride!

Her teacher told me they spend the first ten or fifteen minutes of the day in this room to loosen the kids up and get the "wiggles" out.  In addition to this neat swing there is one other type of swing, a ball pit, exercise/yoga balls, trampolines and a few other things I didn't recognize!

I didn't get milk on the way home from work today because Amelia belongs to the Kwik Trip Kid's Club so I wanted to take her for an open house treat!  With her membership card she gets a free cookie, donut, bagel or muffin when she is with me when I buy milk.  It's a neat program!   
**We buy our milk there in half gallon bags because it is so, so much cheaper.  A gallon of 2% is only $1.98 - the grocery store/Target can't beat that!

One thing I am excited about is the Scholastic book club program!  I remember my parents ordering us books from this same program when we were in school and I loved the day the book orders arrived and I got my new books!

I paged through it and have already found a few things to order her!  She has recently taken a huge interest in being read to (vs. just looking through books independently) so I want to encourage that as much as I can.  We've always kept books in baskets around our apartment and in her room in the hopes of getting her interested - it's finally happened! 

School officially starts next Wednesday!

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  1. Precious girl!! Love the pics and her school sounds amazing!! Happy school year Amelua!