Saturday, August 18, 2012

Paper Wave

At the Vikings/Bills pre-season game last night we witnessed what might have been the world's best "wave!"  It started and then it grew.  Both decks of the stadium were participating.  Then programs were being thrown like graduation caps are thrown.  Then people started tearing the programs into "confetti" and that was being thrown.  

It was nuts and it went on about 20 minutes!  We didn't partake in throwing paper as we did not feel right about it - those poor janitors.  Despite the mess it was pretty neat to witness first-hand.

Happy Saturday!

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  1. Hi! Hopped over from Intentionally SImple...
    We watched the Saints pre-season last night! We're Louisianians :) Honestly, I was too busy keeping track of our daughter and chatting with my mom to know if there was any wave action!
    Your kiddos are too cute! Our firstborn is a girl and second a boy - I love the dynamic so far, even though our little guy is just shy of a month old!