Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Grey Thursday

Tomorrow is not only Thanksgiving, it is Grey Thursday.  Black Friday's new opening act.  

I'll keep it short - if you shop over the next couple of days, please be kind to retail workers.  We're missing sleep and time with family to ensure you get crazy deals on all those things you "need."  I worked 4am-1pm today.  I head back in in an hour and work 10pm-7am.  Then tomorrow night I go back in from 8pm-5am.  Somewhere in there I have to sleep and "do" Thanksgiving. 

I am thankful these two got along and played well together for the short time I saw them this evening.  She even let him play in her room with her ponies...a-mazing!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


  1. Thinking about you and hoping that you'll have a good Thanksgiving in spite of your crazy work schedule.

    1. I made it! I haven't been that tired since we had a newborn in the house! I still can't understand the appeal of shopping Black Friday. Deals are nice, yes, but at one point the line to checkout wrapped up and down aisles throughout half our store...I'm told the wait was about an hour. No thank you!

      Hope your Thanksgiving was good!