Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Life Lately

We are still here - promise!  We're keeping busy playing, learning and keeping the house in order!  I have been too tired by the time bedtime rolls around to stay up and blog.  In fact, some nights I am too tired to stay up until the kids' bedtime - I fell asleep on the couch reading to Amelia just last night!

Bundled up for outside play!

This box is currently a popular toy - for both kids and cats

First homework - we worked hard on this and I LOVE how it turned out!

Hanging out with mama :)

Joe and Wormy* :)

* We lost Wormy today...for about a half hour.  He got dropped in Babies 'R' Us and we went to one other place after before heading to the car and realizing he was missing.  I panicked but we found Joe's favorite friend - thank goodness!  Usually he never leaves the house but Joe is getting through some congestion right now and wants the comfort so we took him out with us today!

He's learning to use this pull toy - slowly

Until next time...

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