Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thankful Weekend

UPDATED with photos :)

Despite the ridiculous work hours over Thanksgiving/Grey Thursday/Black Friday I still found things to be thankful for.

A beautiful sunrise Thanksgiving morning on the way home after a long overnight shift.

A few hours with family on Thanksgiving.

A heater that works properly this year (last year it was stuck on too high) so we can enjoy hot tea again.

Sleeping in Saturday morning :)

Dinner with friends on Saturday night.

Building forts during football this afternoon (after mama's team beat daddy's team...)

It was a good weekend and I am extremely thankful to have Black Friday 2012 behind us - it makes work just a tad bit easier without that looming in the distance :)


  1. Beautiful! I thought of you while A and I were black friday shopping mid morning in Target! For the storage limit- I frequently get that message, just go to your picasa photo album- where it stores all your blog photos and you can delete photos. It deletes the photo from the old blog post- but if youre not going to do anything with them then its fine.

    1. It was pretty crazy in Target until about midnight. So from midnight to 5 a.m. we got sooooo much done as far as getting the toy department back in order. I am on the toy team this year so from mid-November to Christmas it is all toys, toys, toys for me at work! It's fun but tempting at the same time!

      I've heard of putting blogs into books so for now we decided to pay the $2.49 a month fee for more storage. If we decide to not put the blog into a book I will for sure go back and try this. Thanks for the tip - I hadn't thought of trying that!