Monday, March 18, 2013

4-Day Weekend

Today was the last day of my four-day weekend!  Last week I had put in my forty hours by Thursday so I didn't have to go in Friday and then I had taken today off.  It wasn't the greatest weekend (we fought quite a bit) but was still nice to not have to get up early for four days!  

Friday we went to the Mall of America for the afternoon.  

We went to Sea Life aquarium which had two new exhibits we had not seen yet - Octopus Garden and the finished (permanent) Rainforest section.

We looked around the mall a bit, dropped of some tennis shoes at the Nike store for recycling and went on a few rides before we left.

Joe's first (successful) carousel ride :)

After we left the mall we dropped Amelia off with my family for a few nights.  Saturday Jason, Joe and I took a little road trip to pick up the deer Jason's cousin got last fall - it was just now done being processed!  We drove it down to his cousin afterwards and ran a few errands - nothing too thrilling.

Sunday morning I got into Amelia's room and tried to thoroughly clean it and purge it but I had a little helper:

He thought he was pretty cool hanging out in his sister's room!  I didn't do as much in her room as I had hoped but something is better than nothing!

Green hair for St. Patrick's Day!
My parent's dropped Amelia off in the afternoon and she was under the weather.  The night we dropped her off she started showing signs of a bug (fever, congestion, coughing) and she wasn't able to kick it. 

We skipped speech this morning since we weren't sure on Amelia's health and spent the day at home.  Joe has perfected the tantrum so the day got long.  Amelia and I tried to play with him but he was much happier on his own tearing up junk mail, banging things together or reading:

While he did his thing I assisted Amelia in building a "barn" for Baby Butterscotch.

She surrounded Baby Butterscotch with loose blocks and when I asked her what they were she told me they were hay.  Clearly she had thought of everything.  

Time to get to bed!

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