Monday, March 18, 2013


Awhile ago I was "tagged" by Suzette to do the "Five Things Thing" so here it is!

(1)  I am not a morning person, at all, which is why my current job is hysterical.  When I told my mom about it almost three years ago she laughed, literally, out loud.  I have been getting up at 2:45 a.m. for almost three years now and I still have not fully adjusted to "doing" mornings well.  At the same time I am not the night owl I used to be and I have no trouble falling asleep in two minutes flat most nights.

(2)  I love living somewhere that has four seasons but I almost always complain about two of them at some point - summer and winter!  Summer humidity starts to drive me insane and winter just never seems to end some years!

(3)  If it were possible I would love to stay home with the kids and not work.  Obviously me working is necessary for several reasons but if I could choose, I would stay home.  I get half the day at home but I am so tired by dinner time since I get up so early that I basically just count the hours until bedtime.  Not a great feeling.

(4)  Jason and I "single parent" Monday through Friday.  I work the early morning shift and he works the evening shift.  We see each other in the parking lot for approximately one minute as I walk in and he walks out.  I'm asleep before he gets home.  Last fall I got onto a M-F work week, which he has had awhile now, so we get the weekends off as a family - finally.

(5)  I can't cook.  For real.  Jason was a chef for fourteen years so I have never really had to cook.  I can make a few things but usually he just takes care of it all.  I'd love to learn my way around the kitchen one of these days and I have added making a loaf of bread, completely from scratch, to my bucket list.  More importantly though if I could get better in the kitchen I could feel better about the dinners I feed my children...we eat a lot of convenience foods and repeat the same things over and over and over! 

There are five things about me!

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