Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Block Party!

We have been playing with blocks a TON this week.  

While Amelia and I build things Joe usually drags the blocks wagon around or pushes the blocks dump truck all over the place.  Sometimes he tries to help us build things but Amelia isn't all that patient with him...

Amelia and I built a house the other day:

She even made a mom and baby out of blocks for the inside.  Oh, and that collection of blocks at the front?  That's the rocking least that's what she told me ;)

When it comes time to clean up we mix it up.  So far the favorite method of picking the blocks up is lining the wagon, dump truck and bucket up against the wall and throwing the blocks in one at a time.  It all started because I didn't want to get up....  Amelia thinks it's the greatest thing and she actually has a really good shot - she makes almost all the "baskets!"

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