Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Amelia and Joe's "Big Kid" Room

With less than two months until #3 arrives we have finally transitioned Joe into Amelia's room!  Back in May we were generously given bunk beds by a co-worker of mine - all we needed were mattresses!  Once the mattresses, which were back-ordered, arrived we got the bunk beds all set up.  

Once they were up and ready to go we had Joe sleep in there a few times on the weekends (when we are both home) to get used to it.  Two weekends ago he spent two nights in a row in there and he hasn't looked back since!  When it is bedtime, he runs in there are crawls up into his bed.  For the most part the transition has been a piece of cake.  The biggest struggle is getting Amelia to understand that if Joe gets up and starts playing, she just needs to let him be and not yell at him to get back into bed.  Chaos tends to break out in there once she gets into her authoritative mood ;)

Here is a photo tour of the new "big kids" room in our apartment!

View from the doorway

Looking from the doorway

I managed to minimize clothing enough to fit both kids' clothing into Amelia's dresser!  A lot of things, in both of their dressers, no longer fit them and I just needed that "push" to sort through it all and get it organized for the fall!  One thing that I did that helped free up some space was to hang up their sweatshirts in the closet.  Without all that bulk folded up and in the drawers I made a ton of room!

The only thing I am not crazy about is the television.  Around 16 or 18-months old Amelia decided that she no longer was going to nap.  That was all fine and dandy until I got pregnant with her brother.  I work early morning hours and a nap was just necessary for me so Jason started putting her into her crib with a movie.  It bought me enough time to get showered and sneak in some rest that I was desperate for.  Well, it stuck.  She now watches a movie at bedtime each and every night.  I realize there are worse things but for some reason the TV in her (now their) room has just always nagged at me.  I think I just always envisioned us reading before bed and that being that.  I have done an ok job of getting reading time in before the movie is picked out, let alone turned on, so I guess it's a win-win in the end!

Joe still takes his afternoon nap in the crib in baby's room but other than that I have been able to start getting things ready in there!  In all honesty, there really isn't all that much to do but it makes me feel better knowing that the little things I can do to prepare are getting done :)  For example, the dresser drawers are now filled with freshly laundered newborn and 3-month clothing!  I still can't believe we are so close to becoming a family of five!

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