Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hiking and Biking

This past Saturday we ventured out to Interstate Park for a picnic and hiking!  We got eaten alive by mosquitoes while we ate so we left and quickly ran to the store for some bug spray!  I can't believe we didn't have any up until this weekend but now we are set!

Amelia and Joe are good little hikers - they definitely have the energy for it!  Amelia calls hiking "hunting."  I think she does it because we are always on the lookout for animals, especially deer, so in a sense we are "hunting" for them.

Beautiful views!

When we got home we grilled out hot dogs for supper and practiced bike riding.  We received a bike from a co-worker of mine and Amelia loves it but she is scared of it.  This weekend we cracked down and told her it was time - she needed to learn to ride!

Her reaction when she realized I was no longer holding on!

We went on a walk and she really got pedaling down but still really struggled with steering.

Concentrating hard!

Sunday we went out again and it was slow going but she basically did all the steering herself - with lots of verbal cues from mom and dad!  Pretty soon she will be zooming around like a bullet from a gun!

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