Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Big Movie House

This past Saturday, my mom and I took Amelia to see a movie in the theater!  She has gone a couple of other times but has gotten scared because of how loud it is.  We've been waiting for the right movie to come along to give it another shot.  

  My mom saw that a theater not too far away has been showing My Little Pony: Equestria Girls every few Saturday mornings knew that would be a great one to take her to!  There was still the issue of the noise.  That's where Papa's "special ear covers" came in handy!

Yep, the ear muffs my dad wears while mowing the lawn worked perfectly to muffle the noise just enough for Amelia to enjoy the movie!  She sure does love those ponies!
I'll admit, I also love that she loves the ponies...they were my favorite when I was younger too!  They're a little different these days, more modern, but I've managed to get past that with time ;)

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