Monday, July 22, 2013

Doctor on Call

Amelia absolutely loves the doctor.  She is thrilled to go and she especially likes our family practitioner, Dr. Dahl.  She helps out at my OB appointments by squeezing the goop onto my tummy for the doppler and she always makes sure we all get stickers on the way out.  

Over the weekend she was asking to wear her (too small) doctor costume and I finally just got it out for her and helped her into it.  

Next thing I knew "Dr. Dahl" was at my side and I was in the chair for a "check-up" for our baby.  She listened to my tummy with her stethoscope, took my blood pressure and checked my ankles.  

The best part was when she was feeling around for baby and he kicked.  

 It was her first time feeling him move and she thought it was the best thing ever!  

She has turned into such a good big sister after the rocky start we had bringing Joe home.  She can't wait for her new baby and she tells me all the time it is really hard to wait for my tummy to pop so he can come out.  Yes, she thinks my stomach will explode, at the belly button, and her new baby will come out!

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