Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cheese Queen

When I walked in the door after work this afternoon I was greeted by this:

I thought it was strange that she'd have the bag that the curds came in so I went to ask Jason, who was showering, if he had given her cheese curds.  He laughed a bit and said he hadn't...

It seems that while she was unsupervised she helped herself into the refrigerator, decided cheese sounded good and poured herself a bowl! 

What a funny girl!  I told her as long as she shared with me it would be ok - so she gave me the smallest curd she could find.  I told her I'd probably have more than one if all I got was a "baby" one so she gave me a "mama" one right away.  When she wasn't looking I helped myself to a few more "mamas!"

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