Monday, June 25, 2012

Park Playdate

My lifelong friend, L, is in town with her two children, J and A!  They live down south currently so it is always a nice treat when they come to the north for a visit! 

We met at our old elementary school this afternoon so the kids could play and we could catch up a bit.

A showed Amelia her fun way of swinging:

I had to laugh because I have tried showing her this before but I guess sometimes it just takes another small person to really show how fun it is!

Amelia really took to A and at one point held her hand as they walked the playground.

It was neat to see because usually Amelia takes to older children better than ones her own age/younger.  

J really enjoyed baby Joe!  He played peek-a-boo with him, tickled him and pushed him in the swing!  Amelia got a little protective and made sure she was right there as J enjoyed time with her little brother.

All three kids enjoyed running around this pole!

It is so much fun to see our children interacting and playing together!


We attempted a group shot of the kids before we left.  You can imagine how that went...

The boys aren't looking in this one but I suppose boys will be boys ;)  Maybe next time we see them the kids will be more into picture time...

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