Tuesday, June 12, 2012


We packed up the car this morning and headed to Milwaukee for the week!  Our car is always full.

When it was just Jason and I traveling we filled the trunk.  When it was Jason, Amelia and I we filled the trunk.  It is now Jason, Amelia, Joe and I and we still fill the trunk!

I was thinking about it on the way down and I realized that in order to make our small car work for travels we have had to simplify.  The best part?  We didn't really realize we were doing it!  We've always filled the trunk, whether it was for two, three or four people.  Everything always fits into the trunk. 
Simplifying is going on somewhere - that is for sure!  We don't over pack like we used to.  If I'm going to be gone six days, I pack seven shirts.  In the past I would have packed twice that - you know, so I had options.  I pack favorite items that I know are comfortable and that I like to wear.  It's much easier.  The kids also don't need to pack up their rooms.  We bring a few favorite toys and that's about it. 

For this trip Jason and I each had one bag.  I fit both kids' clothes into Amelia's suitcase.  We limited toys/books to one bag that we brought in the car with us.  We brought only one pack and play (for Joe) and Amelia is using a big bed for the first time.  Well, the first time away from home :)   We also brought the portable DVD player, a cable for it and a few movies.  We hooked it up to the TV in our hotel room and we watched My Little Pony with Amelia tonight. 
My packing list was fairly short for this trip.  I kept thinking we were forgetting things but we have all we need!  In fact, I am sure there are several things that made the trip that we don't truly need as well.  I love that we have been able to gradually get down to just the basics for our travels.  It is so much easier and involves less stress on everyone! 

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