Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Midweek Randoms

  • Work has been rough this week.  I have left in tears 3 out of 3 days.  
  • I took a nap today.  I got home from work and basically went straight to the bed.  I laid down and fell asleep - in my work clothes.  Jason got Joe down for a nap and popped in a DVD for Amelia before he left for work and I slept, all in all, about two hours.  I needed it.

  • Things are so hectic around here lately that I have been having a hard time keeping up on making Joe's baby food.  My sister noticed this and took it upon herself to make him some.

  • So far she has made him two batches and without it I would be up a creek.  I do have a butternut squash and some sweet potatoes to make up for him.  Hopefully soon...
  • Amelia recently discovered Little Einsteins.  It is a wonderful show and Jason and I are both really pleased with it.  However, the theme song?  Yeah, gets stuck in your head and I hum it far too often throughout my day.
  • Last weekend we ran into the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile.

  • We got some cheap water guns at the store and tested them out the other night.  Amelia had a blast with them!

  • I have started using a calorie counting app in an effort to drop some weight.  I entered a goal weight, how much I want to lose a week and then I added on 500 extra calories (a day) for breastfeeding - believe it or not that is what the average, nursing mama burns a day manufacturing milk!  
  • After Amelia is in bed and I am nursing Joe to sleep I have stopped turning the TV on.  I used to always watch TV while nursing him but for a week or so I have been just relaxing during that time.  I watch him fall asleep and when he is done I hold him for a bit before putting him down.  I wish I had done this all along - it's a special time for us.
  • There is a pile of dirty dishes to be washed but I think tonight it is just not going to get done.  The kitchen is my "one thing."  I always make sure I get the kitchen cleaned up and in order before bed each night.  Why?  It gives me a small sense of accomplishment since most nights not a lot else gets done and also because it is wonderful to start the day out in a clean, orderly kitchen.  Tonight, however, I am leaving it.  I am unmotivated.  
  • Last week, this week and next week I am working M-F with the weekends off.  That is almost unheard of in retail.  I'm not sure how I managed it but it is nice to be working the same days as Jason, even if we do work opposite shifts, because that means we have two whole days off together and can do things as a family.
  • Amelia's new nicknames for herself and I are "volcano" (pronounced ball-came-oh) and "hot lava" (pronounced ha wah-wah.)  I am "volcano" and she is "hot lava."    She has even referred to me as "volcano" in public.  
  • I am glad the week is half over.  The weekend can't come fast enough.

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