Sunday, June 10, 2012

Early Father's Day

This afternoon we celebrated father's day a week early with my family.  We will be traveling this week and returning next weekend and then next Monday my dad leaves for Texas for a week for work so it just made sense to do father's day today!

Papa and his grandkids

We had sopa, carnitas and tacos for dinner.  I ate alone after everyone else because Joe was on a roll with his solids right at dinner time.  Big boy ate peas, carrots AND green beans!  Go, Joey!  It's hard to believe that just a few months ago he refused to open his mouth for food and now he can't get enough!

After dinner there were a few gifts exchanged.  Amelia opened them all and Joe hung out in the aftermath.

My family found Jason a near perfect gift this year:

Remnants of the collapsed Metrodome roof made into collectibles!  We plan to get these arranged in a frame of some sort, with the certificate of authenticity, so he can display them.  He is pretty excited about these so hopefully we can get them framed and on the wall soon!

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