Thursday, June 7, 2012

Just Go With It

One thing that I have gotten a lot better at is going with the flow.  I may have an idea of how I want a day/night to go but ultimately it really isn't up to me.  Things come up, people have moods (myself included) and life isn't always predictable.

Take today for example - I had a plan.  My plan was to come home and make baby food.  Did I?  Nope!  Why?  Because when we went to walk over our rental renewal the landlord had turned on the sprinklers for the kids to play in.  She wanted to play too so I just went with it.  I let her run through the sprinklers - fully clothed.  After a bit I grabbed her so we could drop off the renewal and then we went home, changed her into her suit and a swim diaper and back out we went until dinner time.

She had a blast and even came back from playing with the other kids to make sure her brother had a good time:

She pushed him right up to a sprinkler and splashed him with water.  He was laughing and having the best time!  He, of course, was not dressed for water play but that's ok - we just went with it.  

I let making baby food go for tonight.   As a mother, I've learned that when the unexpected happens just to go with it.  It's not worth trying to fight it to hold onto the plan that I had in mind.  All that causes is frustration.  I wasn't meant to make baby food tonight and that's ok.  I'll try again tomorrow and hopefully it works out.  

I'm not perfect and there are still days when I try way too hard to hold onto my idea of how the day/night should have gone.  But in general, I am trying to embrace the concept of acceptance and going with the flow of things.  The days that I am successful in this are really the best days of the week!

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