Tuesday, September 4, 2012


We have been busy.  

I have had little to no time to sit down at the computer!  

What have we been up to?

Last Thursday was the final MA open house at my sister's school.  Both kids were feeling a little under the weather (heavy congestion) that evening so, of course, they were both oh so pleasant.

Little Miss Attitude

Joe had his leg wrapped :)

Afterwards we stopped for some fast-food to try and wait out the rush hour traffic.

Friday we stayed home and Amelia and S rode their trikes through a sprinkler in the parking lot.

Saturday  morning I was able to enjoy the neighbor's morning glory's (for pretty much the first time) because we were outside for a yard sale.

 We made $108.50 in the sale which isn't too bad considering some neighbors decided they wanted to do it just last week.  We rounded up a good amount of stuff and got rid of quite a bit!  Everything that did not sell we re-evaluated outside.  Some went straight to Goodwill and about two diaper boxes worth came back in because we know we will be able to sell it online via Craigslist or a Facebook garage sale group.

Amelia was so funny - she insisted on wearing our neighbor Matt's leather jacket in 90 degree weather!  

Sunday morning Jason and I made Joe some baby "superfood."  A blend of carrot, tomato, green pepper, avocado, peach, squash, zucchini and banana.  

It tasted alright.  Yes, we both tried it :)

Sunday afternoon we met my family at Willow River State Park for hiking and grilling.

We hiked 4.2 miles!  We went to the Willow Falls because Amelia loves waterfalls!  On the way there Amelia and I brought up the rear:

That's right - she hiked the 2.1 miles to the falls and about halfway back!  She had her moments of whining to be carried but she did it - just like I knew she could.

We didn't hang around there too long.  It was a zoo!  I suppose that is normal for a holiday weekend though!  On the hike back Joey was my buddy:

He was passed out when we got back.  I'll tell you this, carrying a 27-ish pound baby plus the weight of the carrier (website states it is 6.6 pounds) is a great workout!  I was pleasantly surprised the next day when my back and shoulders felt totally normal!

Once we were back near the cars we grilled hot dogs and sliders for dinner.  After eating and cleaning up we headed home and both kids passed out within minutes!

Once we were home we spent some time outside with the neighbors.  I was sitting in a chair talking to D while holding Joe.  He was squirmy and sweaty and as I lowered him down to explore he slipped.  The concrete broke his fall:

I was a mess and he was hysterical.  He calmed down, shows no signs of concussion and is his usual happy self.  This bruise is growing and I still feel so bad about it!  I am so thankful he is ok!!!  Lesson learned - if he is squirmy just don't even bother trying to hold him.  Let him explore!

Yesterday, Labor Day, I put in nine hours at work and we spent the night at home.

Joe played with the hose while Amelia watered the "flowers" - aka cantaloupe.

We have nowhere to be tonight and nothing to do.  Well, besides the piles of laundry (which I am almost positive I won't end up doing) and getting ready for the first day of school tomorrow! 

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  1. Laundry piles here too 😜If only those clothes could jump on hangers and into drawers on their own! Congrats on the garage sale!