Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Great-Grandma Visit

First things first - when we woke up it was -15 (before the windchill was factored in.)  School was not cancelled in our district.  Surrounding districts were - but not us.  Other areas had a two-hour delay - but not us.  Seriously?  I realize it being cold (which is an understatement this week) isn't a great reason to cancel school but those poor kiddos who ride the bus and had to wait out in this!  Grrr.  *rant over

This afternoon Jason's grandma came for a visit and to give the kids their Christmas gifts.

(Crayola Color Wonder painting!)

Amelia even conned grandma into watching the My Little Pony movie (circa 1986) with her before she left.  

We had a bit of fighting over new toys this evening- specifically a triple drum toy Joe got...

Amelia told me she was Joe's "pet" and they were on a walk...

...but they also had a few instances of playing nice!

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