Monday, January 21, 2013

Week at Home!

I have the week off of work because it is super slow and there really weren't hours for my team.  I volunteered to use some vacation time because, let's be real, there are no vacations in my near future!  We are working on something pretty big around here this week...

...update to come!!!

It is freezing out and it will be the whole week!  Today the high was -3 but most of the day it felt like -30.  Bbbrrrr!  We usually just run trash out to the dumpster in normal clothes and flip-flops all year but today Jason got shoes, a coat and a hat on!  It's that cold!

This afternoon my parents stopped over with lunch (and to see the kids) on their way home from Indiana.  Before they left Papa gave Amelia a little volcano!  She loved it but when it came time to "erupt" it she got scared.  She told me it was going to be too noisy and hot - ha!  I got her to come out and we put a chair for her on the edge of the kitchen and "erupted" it.  She ran to the table so fast and yelled, "do it again!"

We had to refill it three times!  *each fill we were able to "erupt" it 4-5 times.

Joe's new favorite thing in the whole world is the Swiffer.

Seriously.  He loves that thing.  We ended up disconnecting most of the handle so he wouldn't be waving around 4 feet of pole as carried it around with him.  Now it is Joe-size :)  He seriously will "Swiffer" anything and everything.  It is adorable!

I'm looking forward to the rest of the week with these two!


  1. I love your colorful potty training visuals! And, Weston's favorite thing these days is his little broom (and mine too!) Stay warm this week.

    1. I love how helpful little ones want to be! Joe is so serious about his Swiffering! Amelia was this way with the broom, like Weston :)