Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sick Saturday

We had an abnormal wake-up call yesterday...a crying child.  Usually Amelia just comes right in and wakes us up (and we ask her for 5 more minutes...ha!) but she wouldn't leave her doorway yesterday.  I noticed a little wet spot next to her on the carpet and asked her if she had thrown up.  Yep.  She had.  

Jason got her into the bath and I got her bed stripped and next door to the laundry room - thank goodness no one else was doing laundry!  Mid-morning Joe and I left to do a few errands we had intended to do before our final Christmas gathering at Jason's sister with his grandma.  Yeah, that was cancelled :(

By the time we got back, a few hours later, it was evident she was feeling a little better.  Just to be safe we went to the minute clinic and they recommended we keep a close eye on her and come back if any symptoms returned.  

For dinner Jason helped me make lasagna. 

We used a jar of his grandma's spaghetti sauce that his Aunt Lori made for everyone for Christmas.  It turned out great!  Amelia had "green pop" for dinner - Sierra Mist to the rest of us.

We didn't want to push her to eat anything if she wasn't feeling up to it - especially since dinner was chock full of dairy products.

Since she spent most of the day sleeping she was nowhere near ready for bedtime at bedtime.  She and I did alphabet puzzles.

She ended up staying until ten p.m.!

This morning she is back to her usual self so we felt safe to let her have dairy again - which thrilled her.

Drinking all the milk from her cereal!

Keeping her away from her milk and cheese yesterday was hardShe nearly lives on dairy products - milk, yogurt and cheese specifically.  We made her "magic juice" and she finally understood that was all she could have.  "Magic juice" is unflavored Pedialyte, Gatorade and Tylenol.  At one point she kept asking for what Jason thought was mac and cheese and he was telling her that wasn't possible right then because she was sick.   It didn't sound quite like mac and cheese to me and we figured out she was asking for "magic juice!"  Too funny!

Amelia really can fight off sickness like no one else I've met.  There have  been a handful of times where she wakes up "sick", fever and all, and within half a day she is much better/good as new.  Now if only she could figure out how to get rid of coughs and congestion as quickly as she fights off other illnesses ;)

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