Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lazy Night

This afternoon I sat down with Amelia to watch Dora.  Two hours and fifteen minutes later I woke up to this:

The girl who never naps, napped.  That meant I had napped too :)

Then I had to go wake Joe up over an hour later than his normal wake-up time.  He woke up like this:

He had a fever of 103 :(   He got some "magic juice" and we spent most of the evening like this:

The boy who never sits still - sat still.  For pretty much the whole evening.  We watched Netflix and had saltines for dinner.  I was nervous to give them (mostly him) anything more than that.  I was pleasantly surprised that Amelia asked to go to bed at about the normal time.  Since we had the long nap I was prepared to be up late with her while she bounced off the walls ;)

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