Thursday, May 30, 2013

#3's Ultrasound

Early last week I had my routine ultrasound!  Everything is looking great!

We decided early on that we wouldn't find out the gender of this baby but Amelia led us to reconsider.  She had been very adamant that she already has a brother so now she would be getting a sister.  We couldn't get her to grasp the fact that you do not get to choose what kind of baby you get.  After much consideration we decided to go ahead and find out the gender - to make it easier on all of us!

Well, I am sooooo glad we found out...

...because it's another brother!  I had brought Amelia to the ultrasound with me and told the doctor to make a big deal if it was a girl for her and if it was a boy to just signal to me and I'd deal with it later.  No signal was needed - baby was folded in half and his gender was prominently on display.  I knew what I was looking at before I even had a reference point on what I was looking at, if that makes sense.

On our way out I told Amelia baby was a boy and she told me over and over, "no mom, I already have a brother now I will get a sister."  Finally I just stopped her, looked her in the eye and said, "baby is a boy.  We are getting another brother and we can't change that."  She made an angry face, stomped her foot down (hard) and said, "oh fiiiinnnnneeee, we'll have another brother."  

Overall she is taking it better than we expected but I am still glad we found out before delivery.  We have all summer to pump her up over another brother and I plan to do some "girls only" type stuff with her so she realizes it's okay to be the only girl! 

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  1. CONGRATS!! Yay for sweet baby boys! I'm sure Amelia will love her littlest brother to pieces. (And, I cannot believe you're already halfway!?!)