Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day Adventure

This Mother's Day we had most of the day to ourselves since we had celebrated with my family on Saturday night.  We decided to go to a state park for a picnic and hiking to the waterfall.  It turned out to be an adventure! 

Jason found a "shortcut"...which was a bit treacherous!  We had the kids in the wagon because the path I thought we were taking is level and wide.  The path we actually took was winding, narrow, uneven and down the side of the valley.  Oh, and there were downed trees blocking the path in several places!  By the end of this "death trail" as Jason starting calling it we had two crying kids who had started hitting and kicking each other because they were both upset they couldn't get out.  Then when we finally stumbled out on the main path we ran into two park rangers who laughed while asking if we brought the kids down that trail in that buggy.  Oh yes, we did.  Yep - it was an adventure!

Family shot before we set out!

Willow Falls

They were mesmerized.

Two of our deer friends we met along the way :)

A state park volunteer we met along the way showed us this mother hen on her nest!

Amelia helped pull Joe the last leg of the trek :)

We stopped at a park on our way to have dinner (KFC) with Jason's family.

We got home late, bathed crying kids and got them to bed.  I went to bed right after that - I was wiped out after our long day outside!

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